Is the stock market too volatile for you?

Are your CDs and savings accounts paying off too slowly?

Are you spending so much time working to make money that you have no time to enjoy it?

Isn’t it time to make your money work for you?

When making decisions about your investment or retirement portfolio, it can be difficult to strike a balance between Stability and Growth.

If you are looking for a reliable way to generate passive income every month, so you can live your life more freely, we can help.

Investing in syndicated multi-family properties offers you the best of both worlds, while also providing you freedom, flexibility, and minimal tax liability.


How Multi-Family Investing Works

Syndication is when a group of investors pool their resources to invest in properties much bigger than they could afford on their own. As a passive investor, you don’t have to worry about the day to day maintenance and management of the property. You simply invest your money and start enjoying regular cash flow checks.

Why invest in Multi-Family properties?

Demand for apartments is at an all time high and continues to outweigh supply. A recent study by the National Apartment Association (NAA) estimates “nearly 39 million people in the United States—that is almost 1 in 8—call apartments home”.

According to the NAA study, the U.S. needs 4.6M new apartments by 2030 or it will face a serious shortage. A number of factors are contributing to this demand, including Millennials delaying home purchases, aging Baby Boomers downsizing, and an increase in immigration.

MGH Investments invests in Class B apartments that are typically occupied by a growing and under-served segment of the population: working, middle-class Americans. This includes people who are the heart and soul of our communities—like teachers, nurses, and first responders—who need safe, well-maintained places to call home.

Our Portfolio


Ridge on Randol
356 units


The Montgomery
208 units


200 units


98 Fifty
196 units


144 units


Residence at Midtown
Total return = 57.2%

Frequently Asked Questions

About MGH Investments

MGH Investments is based in Fairfield County, CT and offers passive income opportunities to accredited investors who are interested in minimizing risk and maximizing cash flow. Founded by Margaret Kozlark, MGH Investments is an equity partner in over $100M worth of multi-family properties totaling over 1,200+ units.

In addition to Margaret, MGH Investments boasts a powerhouse team of real estate and Wall Street professionals.

Margaret Kozlark
Founder / CEO
Holly Williams
Advisory Board Member
Iqbal Mutabanna
Advisory Board Member
Nomi Prins
Financial Adviser
Randy Heller
Digital Marketing Consultant

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